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Congratulations on taking that first step towards your future. We are excited that you have chosen Lincoln College to be a part of that!


The Academic Year

Lincoln College runs on a two semester academic calendar with start dates for the fall and spring semesters.

If you are looking to enroll in the fall you should complete your application. If you are still in high school, we encourage you to do this during your senior year. Although Lincoln College has rolling admissions, meaning applicants are invited to submit their applications to the university anytime up until the beginning of the semester, our student housing fills up pretty quickly. If you intend to live on campus, we strongly recommend that you apply early to ensure there are rooms available in our residence halls.

If you are looking to enroll in the spring you should apply between September and January 1 to ensure you are able to complete the admissions and financial aid process. You will also be required to complete and submit other paperwork for housing (if you intend to live on-campus), health services and the business office.

Summer Classes

Lincoln College is offering both online and on-campus classes this summer, with the online courses beginning May 15 and the on-campus classes starting June 26.

Online classes are being offered in  American Government and Elementary Statistics.

On-campus courses, beginning June 26, will be offered in General Biology, Criminal Justice Studies, Fundamentals of Speech, English Composition 102, Literature, Intermediate Algebra and Sociology.

Summer courses will be part of the dual credit program, allowing eligible high school students to meet requirements and earn high school and college credit upon successful completion.

More information is available by calling Lincoln College at 217-735-7204.

After You Apply

You will receive letters in the mail from the admissions office specifying any additional information we need from you to finalize your application for admission. We will also use email to communicate important information to you, so it is essential that you provide us with an email address that you check often so you can receive this information in a timely manner.

If you change your mailing address, email address, or phone numbers, please don’t forget to contact the admissions office and provide us with your updated information so we can get a hold of you during the admissions process.

Admission Requirements

To be accepted into Lincoln College, students must have a 16 ACT or 860 (new) SAT and a 2.0 unweighted GPA. Additional information on requirements can be requested by contacting our office at

ACT Testing

Residual (on-campus) ACT testing is offered in the Admissions Office, Lincoln, IL campus, Monday-Friday, when the campus is open.  The residual testing year runs November 1 through September 30.  The exam fee for the 2016-17 testing year is $40.00. Residual testing scores are valid only at Lincoln College.  Please give a 24-hour notice when scheduling the test (217-735-7252).

Information for Applicants with Disabilities

By law, Lincoln College is not allowed to inquire if a prospective student has a disability.  The Admissions Office will review each student’s application on its own merits and students with disabilities must meet the same standards as all other applicants.

However, students who need an accommodation in order to access our campus throughout the admissions process should do so by contacting the Office for Disability Services  (ODS) at 217-735-7335.   Students are also encouraged to contact ODS at any point throughout the Admissions process to discuss possible accommodations and services should the student decide to enroll at Lincoln College.  All disability related documentation should be sent to:

Office of Disability Services
300 Keokuk Street
Lincoln, IL 62656
Fax: 217-735-4902

Additionally, students who need testing accommodations on the residual ACT offered through the Admissions Office will be required to submit documentation to ODS to determine appropriate accommodations.  Please note that by taking the residual ACT with accommodations, you will be disclosing to the Admissions Office that you have a disability.  The Admissions Office, however, can not use information regarding a disability to negatively impact a student’s application for admission.

Lastly, Lincoln College offers a more intense academic support program, the ACCESS Program, for students with diagnosed disabilities who meet the program criteria. Please visit the ACCESS program website for more information.

More Information

If you have questions or concerns about applying to Lincoln College, please feel free to contact our office so we can assist you during the application process.