Lincoln College understands how important it is for students to find the right college fit. Our faculty and staff can relate to students who attended a previous college and, for whatever reason, didn’t work out for them. We work with those students looking to make that transition and help them to complete their associates or bachelor degree!


To apply you will need to:

  • Submit your application online
  • Send your official high school transcripts
  • Send your ACT and/or SAT scores
  • Send all college transcripts from any college or university you have attended

Acceptance to Lincoln College is based on a student’s high school record and standardized test scores. In select cases, a personal interview and letters of recommendation are required. Generally students with an ACT composite score of 16 and a cumulative GPA of a 2.00 or higher may be admitted without restriction. Those with an ACT composite score of 15 or lower may be admitted upon review by the Academic Review Committee and if accepted are accepted on a conditional acceptance with the requirement of participation in our linked courses program.

Transfer students with less than a 2.0 college GPA, if accepted, will start at Lincoln College on academic probation and must maintain a GPA of above a 2.0 their first semester.

 More Information

If you have questions or concerns about applying to Lincoln College, please feel free to contact our office so we can assist you during the application process.

Lincoln College Transfer Guide PDF